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August 27, 2014

Social Media is a part of all our daily lives right now. Chances are, you found this blog post thru a link on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! The August issue of MSP Magazine, featured a story on 10 Minnesotans who’s presence on social media is helping them grow their passions. I personally knew a few of the subjects, before they stepped into the studio to be photographed, but I also met new people who are doing such cool things! From illustrators to poets, lifestyle bloggers to foodies – and even fitness – all of the people in this article have one mission: to inspire their viewers. We photographed the portraits for this article at 514 Studios in Minneapolis and it’s so fun to see how this came together! A special thank you to Liz Hardt and her post-production skills for this article and to Julie Lam for styling. (I swear, it takes a village to make images look good for the final product sometimes! There are a lot of moving pieces!) Truth be told, I am SO proud of all of the people in this article and am honored to have had the pleasure of getting to know them a bit and being able to take their portrait. They are all doing amazing things and following their dreams – and this is the greatest success of all!

You can read the entire article, written by Ali Kaplan here, and also make sure to check out all of the wonderful people featured in the article:

David Schwen of Dschwen

Kate Arends Peters of Wit & Delight

Ali Holman of Core Camper

Monique Volz of Ambitious Kitchen

Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets

Wing Ta of Canary Grey

Amanda Rettke of I am Baker

Abraham Piper of Twenty Two Words

Nick Massahos

The Product Poet



SocialStatus EliesaJohnson 0001 Social Status // MSP Magazine SocialStatus EliesaJohnson 0002 Social Status // MSP Magazine SocialStatus EliesaJohnson 0003 Social Status // MSP Magazine SocialStatus EliesaJohnson 0004 Social Status // MSP Magazine21 Social Status // MSP Magazine

June 17, 2014

This past winter, I had a dream-photo-assignment come thru my inbox. The story was all about Red Wing Shoe Company and my job was to document the process. So, on one cold, polar vortex morning, I loaded up my Volvo with the rest of the crew on this project - Steve Marsh, the writer, Drew Wood, the Digital Editor from MSP Magazine, and my intern, Liam. We all trekked on the icy roads down to Red Wing, Minnesota and began the fascinating tour, guided by Japanese designer, Akinobu Iwasaki. Hell, we even brought along the Capture Film Co. dudes to create a video for this project that you should most definitely check out!

I was interested in this assignment for many reasons, but being able to see the actual process of how these boots are made, blew me out of the water.  From the tannery to the factory, well over 100 hands touch each boot before they are ready to be shipped. Now, I know that the Heritage brand has been pretty trendy these past few years among the hipsters, but Red Wing really is so much more than that. What I took away the most was the sense of pride that each worker has, working for the Red Wing Shoe Company. It was quite inspiring. Below are some of my favorite environmental portraits from our time at the company and you can read the full story here! As a body of work, these are images that I am really proud of, and I hope you enjoy!


0C4A0960 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1077 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1122 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1128 Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A1229 Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A1242 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1303 copy Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A1325 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1353 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1365 copy Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1414 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1440 copy Red Wing Shoe Company //     0C4A1542 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1583 copy Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A1757 Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A1761 Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A1767 copy Red Wing Shoe Company //     0C4A1812 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1840 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1845 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1857 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A1866 Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A1906 Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A1941 Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A2010 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2097 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2102 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2142 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2165 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2178 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2185 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2214 copy Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2228 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2235 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2260 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2263 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2272 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2275 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2302 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2310 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2384 copy Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2433 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2450 copy Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2498 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2505A Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2600 Red Wing Shoe Company // 0C4A2608 Red Wing Shoe Company //    0C4A2623 copy Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A2630 Red Wing Shoe Company //   0C4A2753 copy Red Wing Shoe Company //

May 15, 2014

You have probably seen the products of Woodchuck Case around or admired them on other people’s devices and thought “Whoa, this is cool!” I was definitely one of those people and when I got the call to go and photograph this team for Minneapolis / St Paul Magazine, I had no idea how inspired I would be. First, these dudes are young and they are killing it. It’s pretty impressive to see the business Ben and his team have built in such a short amount of time, but what is most inspiring is their genuine excitement and passion for the business and products that they are creating. It’s clear that these U of M graduates are growing as individuals and a team, just as well as their business is expanding. They are smart and have a great sense of entrepreneurship. They are kind, they are happy and they totally appreciate the hustle. Woodchuck case just launched a new website, where you can get everything from tech accessories to custom products to pocket squares (yep – pocket squares). Here are some of my favorite photos from our shoot! You can also read Ben’s interview and learn more about the company here!

0C4A9177 copy Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9200 Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9247 Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9310 Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9363 Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9373 Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9495 Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9497 Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9556 copy Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9567 Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9569 copy Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9611 copy Woodchuck Case // 0C4A9629 Woodchuck Case //21 Woodchuck Case //

April 24, 2014

I have really enjoyed the continued work of creating imagery for Urban Bean Coffee. The content spreads across their website, blog, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, instagram and twitter accounts! Here are some of my favorite shots from the past few months.

UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0001 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0002 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0003 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0004 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0005 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0006 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0007 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0008 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0009 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0010 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0011 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0012 Urban Bean Coffee // UrbanBean EliesaJohnson 0013 Urban Bean Coffee //

21 Urban Bean Coffee //

Client // Urban Bean Coffee

Art Direction // Liz Gardner

Photographer // Eliesa Johnson

Talent // Lily Harris

Bodega ltd.

April 9, 2014

This past fall, I was commissioned to photograph a story for Minneapolis / St Paul Magazine, about the Minnesota company, Thousand Hills Cattle Company. Like many of you, it’s important for me to choose my food wisely and I’ve always been a fan of grass fed beef, but I also never really thought about it. It was a fascinating project for me to work on and I really enjoyed my time on the Thousand Hills farm. Todd Churchill, the owner of Thousand Hills is a family man, an incredibly knowledgeable farmer and above all, a respected business man. Beyond how refreshing it was for me to spend a day on a farm, I also learned so much from our small talk together. Churchill’s business is one of the fastest growing beef companies in the country. Some of these portraits are amongst my favorite that were taken last year. You can still read the entire story, cleverly entitled, “What Would Jesus Grill?” online at

ThousandHillsCattleBlog0001 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0002 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0003 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0004 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0005 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0006 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0007 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0008 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0009 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0010 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0011 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0012 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0013 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0014 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // ThousandHillsCattleBlog0015 Thousand Hills Cattle Company // 21 Thousand Hills Cattle Company //